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Learn Everything About Click To Call Solution – The Ultimate Guide

With increasing technology, audiences have become smarter about their purchases. With increasing access to smartphones, buyers want to consult the business before availing of any service. However, you should have a responsive system in place to enable customers to contact you easily.

Contact forms missed calls, emails, and more are all traditional channels to contact a business. But in today’s fast-paced life, the customer wants instant clarification and resolution to queries. This is where click-to-call service comes in.

A click-to-call button on your website enables visitors to instantly make a phone call to your business without dialing any number. It helps in enhancing customer engagement as businesses can instantly connect with the website visitor and convert leads into sales easily.

The click-to-call solution improves the calling experience without making the customer hold or waits for a response from a business person.

Let’s Deep Dive Into The Click-To-Call Solution

What Is Click-To-Call?

Click-to-call offers the ability to call a phone number online. Pay-per-click advertisements, map listings, corporate sites, and blogs include click-to-call capability.

Click-to-dial eliminates the need for customers to copy and memorize your phone number. They can connect with your team through a single tap.

You may direct calls from certain campaigns to specific departments to enhance the calling experience. It helps you avoid transferring prospects around the office and reach directly to the right team.

The click-to-call button can also be embedded on your website to enable visitors to call you directly through a single click.

How Does Click-To-Call Work

There are three ways click-to-call may work:

Click To Request A Callback

A customer taps on the ‘request a call button’ and inputs their phone number. Customer support receives the request and phone number, and an agent calls the customer’s number.

VOIP Click To Call

It is click-to-call as a web call. A customer may click a website button to connect to a customer care representative using their computer’s microphone and speaker. It’s a web-based call without a phone SIM.

Click To Call On A Smartphone

When a consumer taps a call button on their mobile, it makes a normal phone call. While this needs one action from the customer, it’s not a WebRTC call but a normal phone call.

What Are The Main Uses Of Click-To-Call?

The click-to-call solution is common on the web. Ads on your preferred search engine are one of the most common examples. If you’ve seen a small phone icon or button, typically accompanied by a call-to-action such as call us, you’ve likely encountered click-to-call. Touch the symbol, and the phone will do everything else.

You may add click-to-dial to your website, email blasts, and newsletters.

In addition to robust call data monitoring and the ability to direct calls to particular individuals, you can also leverage other benefits over generic click-to-call functionality. Larger businesses should consider these providers. For a smaller business, you may need someone to assist you in collecting and evaluating the data gathered from incoming phone calls.

How Businesses Use Click-To-Call Service

More Orders, Inquiries

According to a survey by Ipsos, 39% of people call a company to make a purchase or transaction. However, each caller wants to contact a business immediately without extra time and effort.

Customers may request a callback without manually calling the number. The click-to-call solution increases online businesses’ orders, inquiries, and call volume.

Promote Customer Loyalty

A company can’t convince customers to come back and recommend without outstanding customer service. Without enhancing customer service, it simply cannot stop customers from switching brands and ending business relationships. A click-to-call solution helps businesses provide outstanding customer service.

By requesting a callback, customers may resolve product/service issues. They don’t have to use IVR Service or wait for a live agent, and businesses may enhance customer service by improving customer service delivery.

Contact Customers At The Right Time

Customers may request or schedule callbacks using click-to-call solutions. Click-to-call service helps customers avoid long call queues and waiting times. The callback scheduling option further lets businesses reach customers at their preferred time.

Answering with relevant information without any wait may raise customer experience and conversion rates. Callback scheduling helps businesses offer effective customer service without increasing call volume.

Minimize Missed Sales Opportunities

A business needs more agents or employees to fulfill website visitors’ callback requests. The agents will convert leads into clients to enhance revenue and conversion rate. The callback scheduling option helps businesses to receive callback requests beyond business hours.

When configuring the click-to-call solution, managers may ask website visitors to arrange a callback during off hours. By giving relevant information, employees may convert leads into customers. It helps businesses ensure they do not miss any sales opportunities.

Track And Record Every Call

Click-to-call services help businesses get more orders and inquiries by letting customers communicate for free. The advanced solutions enable companies to gain insights by collecting, analyzing, and reporting call data. Personalized reports based on real-time call data help managers understand customer expectations and needs.

Cloud-based click-to-call solutions automatically record incoming calls. Managers need to listen to and analyze recorded conversations to increase lead conversion. It also helps analyze campaign ROI.

Minimize Customer Effort

Businesses use customer effort scores (CES) to evaluate product/service user experience. The consumer service metric measures customer satisfaction and boosts customer loyalty, and Click-to-call solutions help businesses improve CES.

Website visitors may contact a business by clicking a link, button, or image. The visitor doesn’t need to remember the business’s phone number, use an IVR, or wait in long call queues. The business needs to enhance customer service quality.

Reduced Waiting

Customers contacting the click-to-call solution get routed to the next available person, minimizing wait times. IVR can better route calls depending on the query and service needed.

A smooth online experience may boost conversion rates from casual to paying users. Click-to-call is a proven approach for increasing client conversions. Higher quality service can boost customer satisfaction and repeat customers.

Cloud telephony solutions are readily scalable without expensive hardware and maintenance. You can combine The click-to-call service with CRM systems to understand consumer needs better.

Quality Monitoring

Business record the Customer representative calls for quality and training reasons. Continuous training may improve customer service and satisfaction, and senior management may evaluate the quality and significance of these interactions using call recordings.

Benefits Of Click-To-Call Services

IT Increases Conversions

Customers contacting you are usually the most qualified leads, so let them call with a click. Manually dialing a phone number creates friction, and eCommerce giants like Amazon have taught us to reduce the friction whenever possible.

IT Captures Mobile Users

Why not make it simple for someone to call you from their mobile phone? They’re all on their phones—design click-to-call for mobile browsing. If you have an Android or iOS app, you may add a call link to increase customer contact options.

IT Helps Segment Customers

One innovative way to implement click-to-call is to segment your clients or prospects. For example, if you offer many clickable options for contacting you, you may segment customers by which journey led to the call.

Prioritize incoming calls by customer journey segmentation. Consider a hyperlink with a high conversion rate. You can prioritize these calls and route them to your top representatives quickly. 

IT Increases Consumer Access To You

Different customers have different communication channel preferences. A click-to-call button provides your consumers with an additional way to contact you and helps create a seamless customer journey.

Some people like to go through a website’s FAQs for solutions, while others prefer to contact support directly.

IT Helps With Routing And Makes Life Simpler For Customer Support

The simplest click-to-call button is an HREF with the mobile number. When a mobile user taps a click-to-call HTML link, their phone calls directly. Different operating systems, web browsers, and applications affect a computer’s functionality.

Incoming calls from click-to-call dialers show the same on your phone system interface.

Set up a click-to-call button using your phone system’s API to optimize call routing. With this, you can see which incoming callers used click-to-call and immediately route them to pricing or technical support agents.

IT Collects Customer Information

Click-to-call dialers reduce consumer friction and give you more chances to gather customer information.

Why Businesses Should Invest In Click-To-Call Solutions

Better Lead Quality And Customer Segmentation

Businesses gain quality leads since only those interested in their product/service will click the button. It helps businesses categorize customers by their interaction needs.

Zero Leads Lost And Enhanced Customer Experience

Customers may call your business anytime and request a callback during the off. It ensures not missing any leads and resolution of every customer concern, creating a smooth customer experience.

Save Time

This feature helps agents contact customers instantly without dialing a number manually each time.

Data Analysis Impact

Businesses may collect and analyze call data to get deeper consumer insights. Information is power in today’s world. Thus, you get an accurate and future-proof customer base.

Prompt Customer Service And Better Conversion Rates

Click-to-Call helps businesses attract customers’ attention when they’re interested in their product/service. Prompt service helps convert interested customers and builds long-term relationships with customers.

How To Set Up Click-To-Call?

Website Click-To-Call

If you want a click-to-call button on your website, integrate the Click-to-Call API. The user inputs their number on a website link/widget. The company connects the call to the pre-assigned number, and the call connects the agent and client.

It’s essential to set the button at the right “interaction points” to convert visitors into customers. The position of the Click-to-Call function is as essential as having it on the platform. A clear call-to-action button visible within 3 seconds boosts the click-through rate.

Integrating Click-To-Call On Your App

More and more consumers are shifting to “smartphone culture.” 47% of mobile users will switch brands if they can’t locate a brand’s number quickly.

Integrate the Click to Call API into your app to generate a call link. Your app lets users make voice calls without switching applications. It helps users engage with your app, and click-to-Call may offer a new dimension to smartphone marketing.

How Integrating Click-To-Call In CRM Help

Integrating Click-to-Call with your CRM lets you meet client demands quickly and correctly. It automatically records the Date, time, call volume, and dropped calls, enhancing efficiency and decreasing human intervention. No one wants to spend time and effort manually entering data.

You can save any incoming or outgoing call data in a single database to let you intuitively analyze it. All of this is possible by integrating Click-to-Call into your CRM system.

How May Your Company Use Click-To-Callback?

Emerging technology Click-to-Callback is similar to click-to-call. Customers enter their phone numbers on the website, and when a business representative is available, they get a call. It gives businesses in any domain/industry greater flexibility and lower expenses. This feature is important during times of staff shortage.

Click-to-call adds a human touch to a digital platform

The digital world is ever-changing, and customers prefer telephone engagement with organizations, particularly corporations. Click-to-Call and Click-to-Callback are new, effective methods to contact your customers. 

These cloud telephony features promote productivity, boost sales and profitability, and improve time and resource management.

Customers can access businesses 24/7, which benefits them since their calls will never go unattended. If users are unable to get the relevant information on the company’s platform (website or app), they may click one button to get answers. It leads to a satisfied, happy consumer who always feels valued.

Must-Have Features Of Click To Call

Call Routing

The software routing features automatically connect leads and customers to the sales representative, depending on the availability of the sales representative.

It reduces the likelihood of leads and customers having to wait on the phone for too long and removes the possibility of missed calls entirely.

Contact Management

This feature provides access to the contact information of your leads and customers, as well as the call history and sales representatives that served them.

It enables you to understand their contacts better and enhance your customer service skills to meet their needs.

Observation And Performance

Detailed reporting and analytics may assist enhance the performance of your team and systems.

A business must have clearly defined success metrics and a method for measuring them to be successful.

This feature lets you track call-related performance, such as missed calls and wait times.

You can use this data to examine and assess your company operations for areas of improvement to enhance your service.

Calendar Integration

A click-to-call solution simplifies the communication process and reduces the need for cumbersome channels of contact, such as endless email threads.

How can the software accomplish that without integration with a calendar?

Integration with calendars enables site visitors to choose a time slot depending on the availability of your sales representatives. It decreases the incidence of annoying Communication Barriers.

Which Professionals Should Use The Click-To-Call Feature?

Call-Center Managers

Click-to-Call technology lets consumers browse a business’s website and click a link to call the call center and speak to a live agent. The live agent can provide the customer with all the information they need.

Some of the unique features include

The program lets the agent and customer surf the web together. In this situation, the agent serves as the guide.

Click-to-Contact delivers customer service, and streamlines call center calls. Calls are usually routed from a central point using pre-set rules.

Calls from a specific page go directly to an agent. The agent can then know which page the caller is calling from and handle it more efficiently. There’s no need to redirect this call or put the client on hold.

Click-to-Call is a staple of today’s consumer-focused websites. The companies that lack a click-to-call option will suffer since site users will seek out a rival with a direct route to live agents. Click-to-call functionality is essential for contact center managers.

Sales Representatives

Inside sales representatives may use click-to-call to reach customers. Inside sales solutions integrated with a CRM are essential for enabling representatives to click to call from a CRM lead. It enables representatives to dial leads without manually dialing them. It enables inside sales representatives to contact more prospects per day.

Inbound Click-To-Call

Numerous businesses use this click-to-call technology to allow clients to request an instant sales representative call. A consumer who uses click-to-call may demonstrate a high interest in a company’s services and warrant rapid follow-up. Since click-to-call solutions aim to link sales-ready leads with representatives in real time, they may significantly boost incoming sales.

Customer Experience Managers

Click-to-call enables Computer users to enjoy the same service as mobile users. It is possible via the transmission of phone calls over an IP network, such as VoIP.

As a manager, you must create a smooth, streamlined experience for actions such as filling out a form, calling your office, and making a purchase on your website. Click-to-call handles it all. Consumers constantly need immediate service from your business.

To match their expectations, make it easy to contact you. As click-to-call is mobile-friendly, mobile conversions might rise by upto 300%.


Click-to-call is more responsive and can help businesses connect instantly with customers. It can help companies generate more leads and orders through instant communication. By integrating click-to-call into websites, mobile applications, landing pages, and digital advertisements, a business may enable customers to request a callback or call the business instantly. It can enhance customer experience and satisfaction without much investment.