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Click to Call Solutions to Boost Sales and Business Growth

Hassle-free customer communication and boosted sales are the two main ways that businesses adopt today to smartly grow their future prospects in a cut-throat competition. That is why business organizations can’t underestimate the core of calls for growing business and attaining success. Click-to-call or click-to-talk has been a great means of business communication for a few years whereby people click a phone call button in order to connect to people on the other side in real-time. 

Nowadays, almost every app or website has a click-to-call link as it connects customers with the company in the least possible time. In most cases, click-to-call is engaged with hyperlinks over videos and emails. Now, customers can view your marketing materials and other digital content types. Go through the content to know more about click-to-call statistics showing why the technology is gaining recognition and being used as a bolster to grow business and boost sales.


In the world of digital technology, smartphones are taking over our daily lives. Potential customers spend more time on their smartphones and look for information on websites, apps, and social media channels. There is a new but upward trend in customers calling up the business before making any purchases. Marketers realize the benefits of this trend and plan their advertisements accordingly. Your efforts to click-on ads can go in vain if visitors are not hitting the ads. Here, a call-to-action button can play a vital role and propel customers to call you directly. Without click buttons, you can’t get in touch with subscribers fast and take them to your live events. These clicks are the entry point to magnify your business revenue.

Making a call is the most convenient solution that businesses use to improve customer experience. So, what is a click-to-call option? Generally, the click-to-call option is a functionality of cloud solutions that enables callers to communicate with businesses without dialing manually. Click-to-call can be implemented as CTA buttons or call widgets. This technology helps you make calls by extracting data from databases. Hence, click-to-call buttons give the business an edge to catch their customers where they are comfortable and get connected to you at their convenience. 

Employing a click-to-call button fast on apps or websites connects visitors directly to the contact center where customer care executives are ready to solve customers’ problems. Using click-to-call technology, it is easy to give customers the right opportunity for resolving sales-related queries. The technology can do wonders by integrating click-to-call buttons on the app, website, or lead forms. It is also vital for activating a call fast. You can also send requests to customers regarding business updates via a click-to-call option. 

Statistics On The Use Of Click To Call

The growing use of click-to-call technology makes business owners curious about how tracking mobile call engagement drives sales. The technology helps customers make immediate connections and get the right help from the other side. Placing click-to-call features on your app, website, or in your Google ads keeps customers free from the tension of waiting on hold when it comes to talking to representatives.

This technology also offers benefits like knowing callers when they call or recall from multiple locations with the help of customized mobile data. This data can be utilized for improving sales, customer success, and marketing strategies. Here the prime question is how do you integrate a click-to-call feature into your website and how do you analyze data for valuable actions? To have a clear glimpse of the value of click-to-call in the business world, you need to peep into some of the figures on the same technology.

According to American market research company Forrester Research, click-to-call functionality augments return on investment (ROI) by an average of 143%. Both business owners and digital marketers understand the power of click-to-call and pay-per-call ads. According to a detailed study conducted by Google, click-to-call has a big importance in the business world for making better purchase decisions. Go through the following statistics to get a clear picture. 

Main Outcomes Of The Study 

  • About 70% of mobile searchers who participated in the study prefer to use the click-to-call technology. Moreover, calls are an important channel for consumers of all sizes and types.
  • About 61% of the searchers agree that click-to-call is “extremely/very important” when it comes to making purchase decisions.

Business Insights

Approx. 47% of the searchers defined that they feel “frustrated or annoyed” or are “more likely to explore other brands” while not getting direct business calls.

On the other hand, about 35% of searchers felt “frustrated or disappointed in the brand, competitor, or company.” It clearly means that customers’ perception of business will be badly affected in the absence of click-to-call modes in the search results.

What Propels Customers to Make A Call?

While comparing customers making a call with checking the company’s website or other means, the following results favored the utility and effectiveness of calls:

  • 54% – Requesting more questions and getting adequate information, not available on the company website
  • 57% – Speaking to a real person in real-time 
  • 59% – Looking for an immediate response for accomplishing a goal

Without a doubt, businesses are here to cater to the needs of customers and achieve their business goals. Connected through the calls, respondents were searching for:

  • 43% – Inquire about pricing
  • 47% – Inquire about availability/inventory/booking information
  • 51% – Make a reservation or schedule an appointment
  • 52% – Check for working hours or business operations

The study also reveals that about 95% of small and medium-sized businesses are not using click-to-call features. Despite that about half of all searchers described that they would search for these features.

After getting through the data shown above, it is clear that click-to-call is here to stay and gives business organizations an edge while serving customers. Another outcome you can extract from the Google study is the disadvantages of not employing the technology. If companies are not employing the click-to-call component available, they are more likely to harm revenue, business, and sales. Companies that have a click-to-call feature installed on their website, app, or ads are more likely to meet their customers in real-time.

Click To Call Is Buzzword 

Nowadays, everyone is talking about click-to-call technology. This disruptive technology is the buzzword and business owners want to make the most out of it. Businesses give prime importance to this technology when they think of maximizing efficiency and effectiveness, boosting customer retention, sharpening online marketing success, and increasing online sales opportunities. The thing that makes this technology highly useful for the business world is that it is an easy tool for customers who are looking for instant access to your business. Interestingly, click-to-call mingles easily with all commonly used devices. Have a look at some figures showing why technology is a buzzword. 

Customers Still Prefer To Call 

The finding of Google report shows that about 61% of customers still find calling a business more practical in this online world where knowledge bases are easily available.

Mobile Searches Lure Buyers To Call

Another thing that puts light on the outcome of the Google study is that customers engaged in search engines on their mobile phones choose to call the business. About 70% of mobile searchers communicate with a business directly consuming click-to-call buttons.

People Get Unsatisfied When They Can’t Connect 

When people need business information concerning your brand, they give importance to the fastest medium that sharply ends the communication gap between the buyer and seller. Actually, about 47% of consumers believe that are more likely to navigate other businesses if they are not satisfied with the availability of a phone number while surfing online. 

Customers Are More Likely To Make A Call With The Intent To Purchase

Although people spend most of their time on mobile phones. But the larger part of these searches is related to purchasing intentions. Online data on purchase intentions show that about 31% of customers are more likely to purchase from you while calling using mobile phones.

Phone Calls Are Crucial In Making Purchase Decisions

About 61% of customers want to get concrete information and find it highly important to get in touch fast with a business during the phase of decision-making. While making instant decisions, consumers look for the right information that solves their queries and makes them comfortable. A click-to-call tool is a powerful option for minimizing customer effort and friction between potential leads and companies.

It is clear that click to call option helps you simplify the customer engagement process and respond without wasting valuable time. People are not interested in dialing phone numbers manually. That is why a simple tap on the button initiates a call. It is a great move for having a quick query resolution by the most relevant agent. Cloud telephony service providing companies offer advanced features that help businesses track and record calls along with auto-notification SMS

Click To Call For Boosting Sales And Growing Business

Every business enterprise targets business growth enabled by boosted sales and revenue figures. For such organizations, click-to-call technology is a boon as it assists sales personnel to save their time and meet monthly targets. Primarily, the technology helps inbound and outbound sales teams by giving them better and user-friendly communication solutions. 

Click-To-Call For Inbound Sales

When it comes to click-to-call for inbound sales, the click-to-call alternative allows your potential customers to interact with sales representatives directly. Connected via this technology, customers can show a high level of interest in your products and services. They can also receive a follow-up call in the primary stage of the sales process. When sales-ready prospects connect with sales reps in real-time, businesses can get better opportunities to grow up. This way click-to-call solutions dramatically impact the prospects of inbound sales.

Click-To-Call For Outbound Sales

Inside sales reps who are responsible for making outbound phone calls can use click-to-call technology to sell their products and services. CRM tools integrated with inside sales solutions can make things convenient for reps who have to dial prospects directly using a CRM lead. When this feature is used, sales reps can dial a phone number fast with no manual effort involved. That is why inside sales reps find this technology an ideal solution to reach out to a large number of prospects in one day.

Click-To-Call Solutions

There is a long list of companies offering communications solutions to business enterprises looking for better and customized ways to serve their customers and cater to their changing business needs. Click-to-call is for every professional indulged in the pre, mid, and post-sales process. Often, we find these professional target groups who can get better gains through click-to-call:

  • Call center managers
  • Sales representatives 
  • Customer experience managers

Click to call mechanism ends the communication gap between customers and a live agent. Customers obtain relevant information from the live agent through phone calls. Call center managers can streamline incoming calls and manage them accordingly. Inside sales reps can utilize this technology to make direct outbound calls. This enables reps to contact more prospects every day. Increased customer lifetime value, reduced customer effort, and improved customer satisfaction and loyalty are some points that are vital in the process of customer experience management. Customer experience managers can improve their experience using the click-to-call feature.


Businesses lay emphasis on hassle-free customer communication to cater to changing consumer needs. Click-to-talk technique gives businesses an edge when they need to satiate their customers through two-way business communication in an effective way. A click button connects customers to real-time sales agents. Click-to-call statistics displayed above show that phone calls are still a great way to boost sales and grow business. The business world looking for inflating sales can opt for click-to-call solutions that put everyone in the driver’s seat.