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Terms of Use

The TERMS OF USE (“TOU”) is a legal agreement between You (either as an individual or any other legal person/ entity) (“You” or “Your”) and ZepCall for rendering their service hereinafter called as “ZepCall“.

When You access the website www.zepcall.com, You acknowledge that You have read the TOU set forth below and understood that access to this site is subject to, and governed by the rights and restrictions as detailed in the Terms of Use. If You disagree with the terms set forth here, You should exit this site now. By accessing the Website, You acknowledge and confirm Your agreement to, and acceptance of TOU. ZepCall reserves the right to change, modify or update the Terms of Use at any time without notice. The applicable version of the TOU can be viewed by You or Your legal entity by accessing the “Terms of Use” link at the bottom of www.zepcall.com.

1. Access to the website

Access to website ZepCall reserves the right, but not the duty, to terminate or suspend Your access to the website, without prior notice, in writing, verbal or whatsoever, for any reason, including violation of any of the provisions given in the TOU, or for meeting any other interest of ZepCall, or for violation of any applicable law or conduct that violates the interest of another user, or of a third-party provider, or of a service provider. ZepCall does not claim that the content or information available on www.zepcall.com is appropriate or available for use by anyone and in any part of the world. Accessing www.zepcall.com from territories that deem the access or use of the website or the content therein illegal, is forbidden. You choose to access or use www.zepcall.com on Your own initiative, and hence liable to ensure that You conform to all the applicable local laws.

2. Trademark protection

ZepCall and the logo of ZepCall are trademarks or service marks, registered or not, belong to ZepCall No logo, design, any service mark or any other trademark whether belonging to ZepCall or third-party suppliers, on www.zepcall.com may be used, copied/reproduced, directly or indirectly, without the written permission of ZepCall All other trademarks on the website that do not belong to ZepCallhave ownership only with the third-party suppliers or any other.

3. Confidential and Non-confidential information shared with ZepCall

3.1. ZepCallis not responsible for any breach in confidential or proprietary information, or personal data send to ZepCall via www.zepcall.com (including information sent via email, filling out a service request, chat message, or any other mode of submitting information). ZepCall does not encourage or seek any confidential or proprietary information or any personal data through any of the methods of submission on www.zepcall.com.

ZepCall shall deem all the submissions by You, including, but not limited to service requests, chat messages, questions, suggestions, comments, etc. non-confidential, which, hence, shall become the property of ZepCallto the maximum extent permitted by applicable law.

Subject to these TOU, You deem any information or data submitted to ZepCall as non-confidential and non-proprietary and agree that ZepCall may use that information or data without notice or Your acknowledgment. With Your act of submission of any information or data to ZepCall, You grant to ZepCall an unrestricted, irrevocable license to record, use, reproduce, display, perform, modify, transmit, and distribute the information or data given in the submission.

You agree that ZepCall shall not be under any obligation to seek Your permission in using any data, concept, information, idea, know-how, or techniques contained in the submission for any purpose it deems fit to use it for, including but not restricted to applying or using the information or data for manufacturing, developing and marketing products.

3.2. Information shared by you via www.zepcall.com, which includes any communication, written or oral, or through any electronic means, may be recorded for quality assurance, diagnostic and training purposes. Your act of submitting information on www.zepcall.com will be deemed Your act of permission to ZepCall for recording and using the information or data as described in Section 3.1 above.

4. Authorized/unauthorized access to Password Protected/Secure Areas

The TOU restricts You from accessing or using password protected and/or secure areas of www.zepcall.com, which are permitted only to authorized users. An event of unauthorized access or an attempt to access the password-protected or secure areas by any individual may be subject to prosecution.

5. Data Privacy and Protection

5.1. ZepCall and You agree that both parties, in all respects, will be subject to the applicable data protection laws and regulations (or any other legislation or regulations amending or replacing the same, ever in future) (together, the “Data Protection Laws”).

5.2. You agree with the TOU set here that: You will not engage in anything by an act and omission or negligence that breaches the Data Protection Law and jeopardize or contravene ZepCall’s liability under the law. Enter into a Data Processing Agreement or such agreements, including agreements related to the cross-border migration of personal data, which ZepCall would be under obligation to comply with.

5.3. ZepCall will exercise the right to transfer and /or retain The personal data You submitted to ZepCall on the website or when registering for the website www.zepcall.com, to a country outside the country of your residence or from where the data originated, having lenient data privacy protection norms. In case You disapprove of such transfer and? Or retention of your data, abstain from submitting personal data to ZepCall. 

5.4. As you agree to these Terms of Use, You will be bound to allow ZepCall to share Your personal data (except your account, credit card, and order details), and any other confidential/non-confidential information with third parties, which as per ZepCall, meet Your business interests. If You do not approve of ZepCallsharing any personal data or other information related to You, abstain from submitting personal data or any other information to ZepCall.

6. Disclaimers

6.1. You understand and acknowledge that you are availing services of ZepCalland transacting on www.zepcall.com at your own discretion. All care and rules are strictly complied with in providing accurate information to You on www.zepcall.com, yet ZepCall assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of information.

ZepCall is liable to change any information on www.zepcall.com, or the products mentioned, at any time without prior notice. Content/material, that includes software and tools, on www.zepcall.com, and the website itself is provided “as is” and ZepCall does not offer to express or imply a warranty of any kind. ZepCall out rightly disclaims any/all warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose related to the website www.zepcall.com or any content or material on the website.

6.2. ZepCall makes no warranty that the website will fulfill Your requirements, Access to www.zepcall.com will be secure, uninterrupted, fast-loading, and glitch-free. The outcomes obtained from the use of www.zepcall.com will be accurate or reliable. Corrective action will be taken for any error in the software.

6.3. No advice or information, whether oral or written, obtained by You from ZepCall or through, or from, the website shall create any warranty, representation, or guarantee, not expressly stated in these Terms of Use.

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